our philosophy

réduze makes your everyday habits more conscious. The symbiosis of natural body care and a timeless home.


The focus of réduze is the continuous pursuit of the highest quality and timeless design. We want to help make everyday habits more conscious and be a symbiosis of natural body care and a timeless home. Two hearts beat in our core beliefs, because for us, caring for one's own body and the awareness of a stylish home are inextricably linked. In order to avoid spreading our resources on building two brands, we decided to combine both aspects under one roof. We describe ourselves as authentic and transparent and the guiding principle of our corporate philosophy is characterized by sustainable thinking and action.

Our values

Quality : Our stringent quality standards are manifested in the materials and manufacturing processes of our products. We are never satisfied with the status quo, but rather set ourselves the ongoing goal of always ensuring the highest quality through continuous improvements. We therefore attach great importance to regional production that we can visit in person.

Environmental awareness : Both when designing our products and in our corporate management, we make sustainable decisions that are intended to reduce the burden on the environment and climate. Our priority is a regional value chain. We also want to raise our customers’ awareness of responsible consumption.

Design : Each of our products is designed and developed by us in Berlin. We don't allow ourselves to be influenced by short-lived trends because we strive for timelessness. For us, sustainable consumption also means that our products remain relevant and stylish over time.

Commonality : We rely on partnership and joint development with our producers and customers. Through long-term collaboration with our producers, we maintain close relationships of trust. Our product range has always developed based on the needs of our customers, which has enabled us to grow together with them.


By working closely with regional producers and promoting a short value chain, we consciously make sustainable decisions. Our focus is on short transport routes, a minimal ecological footprint, recyclable and plastic-free packaging. In our circular economy with suppliers, we minimize waste to make a significant contribution to a better future.