Sustainability is a fundamental principle that is always a focus at réduze and in the development of our products. We attach great importance to integrating sustainable practices, both in production and in corporate management and packaging. Our goal is to make an environmentally friendly and ethical contribution.

Regional production

We work closely with local manufacturers to consciously create a short value chain. By choosing short transport routes, we want to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible. Our collaborative circular economy with most suppliers helps minimize waste in manufacturing and supports sustainable production.

Environmental awareness

When designing our products, we attach particular importance to the responsible use of resources and make conscious decisions. We would like to raise our customers' awareness of responsible consumption. Our design is timeless and not tied to short-lived trends.

Plastic-free packaging

We integrate the packaging concept directly into product development to ensure that the product and sustainable packaging harmonize seamlessly. Our goal is to keep the ecological footprint minimal by using recyclable and plastic-free packaging. This approach serves our ambition to contribute to a better future and minimize the impact of product packaging on our planet.