Statement | Relaunch 2024

This year, réduze is celebrating its 4th anniversary. A lot has happened during this time - both in the world around us and in the development of our brand. In view of the multitude of news about our current promotions and the sale of many products, we would like to explain to you today our motives and what will happen next.

Why is everything currently being sold off?
Briefly explained: We are planning a relaunch. There are currently numerous promotions running as we sell off our entire current range to make room for a completely new range in the second half of the year. This decision was made at short notice, so we still have a lot of inventory that was actually planned for a whole year and now has to be sold within a few months. This explains the wealth of promotions with which we can offer you good conditions. However, after the relaunch, we will rarely offer promotions and discounts as we do not want to base our brand on such a business model.

Will the products no longer be available?
No. Our current range will change fundamentally. Although we would like to stick to the existing concept, we feel forced to reinvent our brand and rethink the idea behind it. Since our founding, we have never really changed the basic concept of réduze. But in order for the réduze brand to continue to exist, we have to adapt and completely redesign our products. The result will be completely new products. In short: The current products will only be available as long as our stocks last. In the future, glass bottles or stainless steel tops will no longer be available.

Will you no longer exist soon?
But. In fact, we are taking this step to ensure that réduze can continue to exist. We want to reinvent the brand and explore new areas. Our goal is to grow the brand and make our customers even happier. The core value of sustainability remains intact - because that is réduze.

What's next?
We are currently in the development and production of our new products. We can't give an exact date yet, but the relaunch will happen in the second half of 2024.