Cleaning | refillable glass bottle

Our glass bottles can be refilled as often as you like because they are made of glass. We would not recommend refilling comparable bottles made of PET, as questionable substances can come off the plastic and be absorbed into the body through use. This cannot happen with glass. To ensure hygienic and safe use of our bottles, we recommend cleaning the glass bottles regularly.

Cleaning several times a week

To maintain the appearance of the bottle, the bottle should be wet wiped with a soft cloth several times a week. This prevents limescale deposits and contamination and prevents the bottle from becoming dull.

Cleaning before each refill

1. Rinse out the remaining product with clean water.
2. We recommend cleaning the inside of the bottle using a bottle brush. Especially with thick consistencies, you can be sure that you remove all residues from the bottle.
3. Rinse the bottle with boiling water. Caution hot! This step will reduce bacteria in the bottle. Optionally, you can also swish the bottle with a little disinfectant or 70% alcohol.
4. Dry the bottle with a soft cloth and let the inside dry for a few hours
Now you can refill your bottle again because your bottle has been cleaned and disinfected.