Our innovative adhesive system

Our innovative adhesive system - safe, resilient and dried quickly.

All of our wall mounts can be attached quickly and easily using our innovative adhesive system. The adhesive system comes in a mounting kit that contains all the materials needed: cleaning cloth, instructions, screwdriver, screws, mounting plate and of course the glue. Stress tests have shown that our adhesive system can withstand loads of up to 35kg and is dry after just 4 hours. Our innovative adhesive system is also suitable for uneven surfaces and ensures reliable adhesion. Whether tiles, mirrors, glass, metal, ceramics, plastic or stone - the adhesive system is suitable for many surfaces.

Of course, the adhesive can be removed easily, quickly and, above all, without leaving any residue . Since quality is always our focus, our complete “gluing” assembly set is also made in Germany. If you move, you can buy the entire mounting kit at any time and simply take your wall bracket(s) with you. In your new home you can then install your soap dispensers like new.

At a glance:

  • dries in 4 hours
  • is also suitable for uneven surfaces
  • suitable for tiles, mirrors, glass, metal, ceramics, plastic, stone
  • loadable up to 35kg
  • Easy to move because the assembly set can be purchased at any time
  • Made in Germany
  • also suitable for long-term use in wet rooms
  • can be removed without leaving any residue