About Us

Our history
Starting in their own bathroom, réduze was founded in 2020 by Laura and Simon from Berlin. When looking for a sustainable solution for soap and shampoo, the two simply couldn't find what they were looking for and had to improvise: founding réduze. Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, it was now clear that it wasn't just the two of them that felt the same way, but that many other people were also on the same search.

The demand for the timeless and minimalist soap dispensers that you can simply stick on the wall increased and the concept and range continued to develop. Even today, the range is constantly evolving due to numerous customer requests that complement the product portfolio. 

The philosophy

Principles of réduze: Quality standards & Made in Germany
Quality and design are our top priority. All of our products are produced regionally in Germany. We work closely with our producers and produce in small batches to always ensure the best quality. Many small things are still made by hand and we pay attention to every detail. When selecting materials, it is very important to us that we produce products that have long-lasting quality. 

A lot of development and testing goes into our adhesive system in particular, so that the glued brackets stay where they are attached over the long term. Our adhesive system can therefore withstand up to 25kg and can still be removed without leaving any residue.

Timeless design
A big focus is our minimalist and timeless design. A soap dispenser is not tied to trends and can hang in the bathroom for many years. 

The goal of our refill system is to avoid plastic packaging. Our bottles are made from 40-60% recycled glass and are easy to refill. Since you should avoid refilling plastic, the best alternative is a glass bottle. Many products are already available in large containers, which avoids up to 80% plastic waste - like our 1L refill bags. 

We don't just want to advertise green, we also want to actually implement it within the company itself. In addition to the regional production of our products in Germany, we also rely on long-term cooperation with workshops for the disabled in the neighborhood. We only ship with DHL GoGreen, use sustainable recycled paper for our packages and completely avoid plastic in our product packaging. We reuse all returned boxes as they are often in good condition and do not need to be thrown away. This has enabled us to minimize our waste production and we are constantly working on further processes to further optimize this.