Cleaning | Stainless steel pump dispenser

Sustainability means, above all, reusing and maintaining things instead of replacing them and buying new ones. This is the basic idea behind our glass bottles and stainless steel pump dispenser attachments. Since our dispensers come into contact with care products and the environment, they are not protected from bacteria. In addition, our pump dispensers are delicate and small, which makes it all the more important to keep every little spot clean. Of course this is not visible to the eye. However, cleaning is absolutely necessary for long-term and microbiologically harmless use. The pump dispensers must be cleaned thoroughly before each time the bottle is refilled. This is the only way our guarantee is guaranteed.

Cleaning several times a week

To maintain the appearance of the pump dispenser, the pump dispenser should be wiped down with a soft cloth several times a week. This means limescale deposits and dirt can be avoided and the powder coating will not be damaged in the long term. Product residues should always be wiped off the nose so that they cannot attack the powder coating.

Cleaning before each refill

1. Remove the pump end from the bottle and pump the remaining product out of the soap dispenser.
2. Gently rinse external dirt with warm water and, if necessary, remove it with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use aggressive cleaners and do not scrub too hard, otherwise the powder coating could be attacked or the pump dispenser could get scratches. You can simply remove the riser pipe from the pump dispenser and rinse it too. You can also use a small brush for this.
3. Mix half a glass of warm water with a little soap and pump the soapy water 20 times through the pump dispenser.
4. Now you need boiling (100°C) water, as only the high temperature of the water can kill the bacteria. Boil half a glass of hot water and pump the water through the pump dispenser 20 times. CAUTION that the boiling water does not come into contact with your hands! The nose of the pump dispenser in particular can become hot, so try not to touch it.
5. Allow to dry - Now the attachment must dry completely.
6. (optional / recommended) Disinfect the pump dispenser - To be really safe, the soap dispenser must be thoroughly disinfected, you should pump approx. 5 pumps of 70 percent alcohol or disinfectant through the attachment.