TRAY wall mount

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Our TRAY soap tray is for everyone who prefers to use solid soap or shampoo. TRAY has a removable ceramic soap dish, making cleaning quick and easy.


Colors and glazes are handmade, which means irregularities may occur during the manufacturing process, making each piece unique.

"TRAY" wall mount (color and attachment selectable), Rocky M ceramic bowl (color selectable)

Delivery time:
Germany: 3-7 working days
EU: 4-8 working days
NON-EU (Switzerland): 5-9 working days

Delivery regions:
Germany, EU and Switzerland

Width 9.3cm
Height 2cm
Depth 6.5cm

Our CARE singles at the sink

"Soap holder rethought - our TRAY soap dish should be stylish and easy to clean. The style of the soap dish can be changed at any time thanks to various removable trays."


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