TRAVEL travel size

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Our "TRAVEL" mini refill bottle is the perfect companion when traveling or in your bag every day. Due to its light weight, the bottle is hardly noticeable and also looks very chic. Simply refill the bottle and avoid even more plastic waste from now on.

Filling quantity

Compatibility with the pump dispenser depends on the viscosity of the product. If the viscosity is too high, it can be difficult for the product to be delivered by the dispenser.

"TRAVEL" bottle, label and size selectable

The bottle is delivered empty.

Delivery time:
Germany: 3-7 working days
EU: 4-8 working days
NON-EU (Switzerland): 5-9 working days

Delivery regions:
Germany, EU and Switzerland

"Traveling in style and consciously is not always easy. That's why we looked for an alternative to the small plastic travel sizes and designed our TRAVEL bottles from lightweight aluminum, which are also very light. They can be filled with your favorite product at home and on the go make you feel at home."

Refillable lightweight

Travel stylishly and sustainably: Weighs only a few grams and is easily refillable. Simply take your favorite shampoo with you when you travel.


We live sustainability in every step of our value chain to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible. The packaging of our products is plastic-free and recyclable. Our products are timeless and not tied to short-term trends.


Design is a central part of our products. Each product is developed and manufactured in Berlin with a focus on design, functionality and sustainability.